Privacy Policy

Mechlance is a website which is particularly integrated for you, the customer, to share information with whom you may choose to share. It is also up to you the customer to decide how much of this information that you want shared. We want you to feel comfortable to design that part of this website to your particular desires and needs. Since Mechlance is more than a website but is also a social website, there are certain privacy settings that you choose which Mechlance must adhere to when sharing such personal information.

In addition, Mechlance is an absolutely free service which is primarily supported by advertising. It is our promise at Mechlance that we will not share any of your personal information with those advertisers who support our website without your consent.

Mechlance’s privacy policy does not apply to any organization or group of which Mechlance does not have a controlling interest. By accessing Mechlance, the user must agree to the following privacy conditions which are listed here within this privacy policy.

When you decide to become a part of the Mechlance website, you will be providing personal information such as your name, your email address, your gender and your birth date. During this ‘signing up’ process you will also be given an opportunity to provide other personal data such as where you go to school or where you work. You will also have the opportunity to provide Mechlance with a profile picture, although this is not a requirement. There may be other personal information which you may choose to provide such as personal preferences in activities, religion, politics, or even job history. This, again, is not a requirement but you will be given the opportunity to add this data to your profile. This information will be given on a volunteer basis and you choose which you decide to divulge and what you do not want provided on Mechlance. It is a part of Mechlance’s privacy policy which ensures that Mechlance will not provide any information without your consent.

Mechlance reserves the right to keep records of transactions or payments that you make on the Mechlance website. In such cases, Mechlance promises to retain any payment source you may produce, such as account numbers, only with your expressed consent.

In order to compare data on the advertising within our website, we may, from time to time ask those advertisers to inform Mechlance how you, the users of the website, react to such advertisements. This type of sharing of advertising data will help our website see if such advertisements are effective. Therefore we can track the information to provide a better quality in advertising through Mechlance.

It is very important that your privacy is protected while using the Mechlance website. Therefore we take careful consideration to ensure that we protect your privacy when sharing your information. Since Mechlance cannot ensure that everyone using the Mechlance website follows our rules concerning your privacy, we must ask the user to protect himself/herself when sharing information to a third party.

If a user of the Mechlance website is under the age of thirteen years old, we ask that the user do not even attempt to use the Mechlance website. If we discover that anyone under the age of thirteen years old has been using the Mechlance website and that we have collected any information from that thirteen year old minor, we will remove that information from Mechlance as soon as we possibly can.

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