Terms and Conditions

It is the desire of the Mechlance website that the customer is happy with our website and is satisfied with any product or service which is purchased on the Mechlance website. Of course there will be, at times, instances where the buyer wishes to return the merchandise and/or cancel the services and requests to receive his/her money back. Within those instances, the buyer is guaranteed satisfaction and therefore Mechlance does assure the following return policies on those services purchased through the Mechlance website.

If the customer is not completely satisfied then the customer has the option to dispute the service purchased and get a complete refund. Mechlance secures every service bought through our website through Mechlance's secure escrow system. Therefore, because we receive a broker fee of 10% from every transaction, the customer is not charged any fees unless the customer loses the dispute process through Mechlance. All brokers fees are paid out of the total funds escrowed that are paid to the mechanic.

This refund is contingent upon the fact that the purchase was made through the Mechlance website. If the mechanic loses the dispute then the mechanic will be charged $10.00 referral fee. Every project that gets done the mechanic must pay a 10% broker fee which will be taken out of the total amount escrowed by the customer.

All transactions must go through Mechlance.com so we can verify the job gets done and so the mechanic can get ratings. The mechanics can link their bank account to Mechlance to get paid or by special request by calling Mechlance customer support the mechanic can get paid by Paypal or by mailed check. All funds are transferred using Balancedpayments.com merchant.

*Once the customer escrows the funds to hire the mechanic both parties must agree for either party to get funds back without Mechlance getting involved through the arbitration process.

There may be times that you have been issued a refund, but this refund has not yet shown up on your credit account. In those cases, there may be a couple of reasons as to why your refund has not yet been credited to your account. If the refund has been credited to your credit card and it has not yet shown up on your account, please contact your credit card company. Sometimes it may take a few days for the refund to show up on your account. These delays are normal, but if there is any concern, please contact your credit card company. A refund on a credit card may take three to five business days to show up on your account.

Some refunds on online purchases may sometimes be difficult. Mechlance is devoted to keeping its customers satisfied with the purchases or even refunds which may occur while using our website. It is our wish to make those refunds as 'pain-free' as possible.

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