OBD MX-Wi-Fi Facts

OBD (On Board Diagnostics)   MX- Wi-Fi

GREAT NEW INVENTION! “Let’s You Diagnose Your Car Yourself-At Any Time”
Here is a Super new device created by OBD Solutions that allows you to easily diagnose your car’s electronic problems.  Discover what the real issue is when your check engine light pops on.  Check your current rate of fuel, your specific engine temperature, oil pressure and so much more.  Takes only minutes to install, with no tools required!

This palm sized device, (1.97 x 1.77 x 0.91 inches), plugs into any car or light duty truck’s OBD port that was sold in the US from 1996 to current.   You just plug it into the OBD port, typically found under the dash, and this device transmits whatever information is stored in your cars computer over to any Wi-Fi enabled Cell Phone-Tablet or PC, giving you total access, and allowing this info to become visible on your device.  Also, since the OBD has open end architecture, besides informing you what the current status is, it also gives you the ability to make changes to the current settings.

The idea for this invention came up when the founders experienced electronic car problems themselves and realized that there was no easy way to diagnose problems.   Believing other people had the same issues, they moved forward to create this remarkable device.  The goal was to make is compact, fast, easy to use, and yet secure and personal to the user.  Mission was accomplished!

You can just plug it in to the OBD port, and leave it plugged in without any drain on your battery since it shuts off when you turn the car off, and comes back on after the engine is running again. Or just plug it in when you feel like it and want to diagnose your car.
The readings are “real time”, and 3 to 4 x’s faster than other similar devices giving you more accurate readings.  You can view your MPH-RPM-Fuel Rate-Engine temp-MAF-Battery Condition and so much more.  You can even erase a check engine light setting, and diagnose the problem yourself, so that when you go to your mechanic you will already know what the problem is up front.

It can also serve to lock or unlock doors and start engine on certain newer GM vehicles, operating everything from your Smart Phone.  This device also provides mapping, and can serve as a dashboard face through your Phone-PC or Tablet, telling you much more than your standard built in gages do. Without the OBD you may see a light come on in your dash, but what does it really mean specifically? With the OBD plugged in, you will be able to see just what the real issue is.

Also, think of the advantage when buying a used car.  Buyer Beware right?  Well, now you can just plug in your OBD, and find out the condition of the car giving you info about the engine-transmission-anti lock brakes-climate control and more.  You can even tell if a “check engine light” code had been recently erased.

Another feature is that this device will not heat up like some imitator devices, and will work from temps as low as  -4 to +131 degrees F.   By the way, no I am not a salesman for this company, I’m just excited.  As a car enthusiast I can’t even add up how much money and time I have spent over the years on car problems using the costly process of elimination.   This device could have saved me a lot over the years.
There is also a superior warranty.  Within the first 90 days, if you are not pleased, or the OBD is not what you expected, you will receive a full refund.  After 90 days, you still have a 3 year warranty.  Plus there are no monthly fees-subscription fees-data plans or hidden costs.
The current plan of the company is to ship out the first orders by mid April 2014.  Funding is taking place right now through KICKSTARTER .   Visit the website listed below to learn more about the OBD Link MX - Wi-Fi

Company Name is OBD Solutions Their Website: www.OBDSOL.com

YouTube Link to check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXC9cOhdH-0

Where to Buy the OBD MX-Wi-Fi :  (Order through website)   www.obdsol.com

Cost:  $119.00 (plus shipping costs)

You owe it to yourself to check this Awesome Invention out!